Marhaba Restaurant: Happy Birthday Princess!!

Yup, its that time of year again.. Sob 3x *tears of happiness* My little girl turns 7 this month.. :) Mommy has always been proud of her, being such a bright, cheerful, sunny little girl.. She has NEVER gives mommy any problem at school.. nor nothing major at home.. *once or twice a tweak got laaah* hehe.. Anyway, I decided to throw a small gathering/party for Farissa, previous plan a bigger one but the venue is unavailable for us to use..

So, strictly closest family members we had it at MARHABA Publika Solaris.. A beautiful decorated Arabic Yemeni Restaurant.. You can check out the restaurant here. We picked up Mr. Bob's little bro and his lovely friend and went straight to the restaurant at around 5pm. The place was set up quite nicely if I may add. Plus point: the purple color matches our birthday theme.. Hurray!!

I chose to provide Cadbury's zip for our guests..
Create a simple Thank You tag along with it..

Before the others come by, we've ordered some tea and Mulauwah & Saltah Fasah..
This is a must try.. the bread was warm and fluffy and the dip was absolutely yummy...

*Mommy busy filling up her tummy*
Beso kot roti dia tuh...

Kakak was actually surprised.. We didn't tell her anything prior to the event..
When she knew.. she couldnt stop smiling at us.. hihihi..

*this birthday pack is for the kids*

if you want to open THIS..
you must first give me a KISS...
teeeheee.. mommy rhymes..

Our first guest arrived!!
It was Nane and Dede...
Thank you for coming and the presents too!!

We save the best for last..
Farissa's cousin arrived last with a lot of Princesses gifts..
She loved them all!! Thank you Harith and Hamzha..
Of course Auntie Nisah and Uncle Niza too *the money generators* haha!!

The lamb hanith was superb (according to those who had ordered)..
Next time maybe...

It seems Nenma wanted to be the Queen of the day too.. hehehehe...

Then, when all was settled..
Sinbad *Nane named the cake bearer*.. hehe arrived with Farissa's beautiful birthday cake..
Ordered specially from Scrummy Cakes Cyberjaya..
But PLEASE IGNORE THE '7' TOPPING.. *demmit what was I thinking*
Clue: Put on backwards *duuuuh*
Farissa blow out the candles for 2 cakes!! Marhaba also gave us a complimentary cake..

All in all, it was a very nice party dinner..
Attended by all those which are dear to Farissa..
Alhamdullilah... Insyallah another year to grow and prosper.. :)