Ikea Outdoor Garden Ideas

As promised, I will share some of my ideas for the outdoor garden... Nothing fancy just a couple of simple furnitures from ikea with a few plants here and there.. If you guys go to ikea, the first thing you gonna spot is this small balcony of somewhat an outdoor area.. There are some artificial potteries with white outdoor chairs and table.. Maybe I will do something similar like this.. I love the concept of hanging plants and a wood panel against the wall. My only problem is that molds will sure to grow there *yuck*! I want something maintenance free. We will get more into that soon.

I have a few pieces already in mind and bought a few decor pieces which I will share with u guys later.. *awwwwww* I know.. soon ok.. :)

Right after absorbing some design concepts, our tummy grumbled so let's eat!
Today I felt like giving the opportunity to Mr. Bob to buy our brunch.. Yup.. and he goes food crazy.. man.. I have to control this guy.. :p

Chicken rendang with rice,
Chicken wings,
Salmon with veges,
Meetballs with chips,
*buuuurp* Alhamdullilah.. hihi..

*its ok honey.. we're not judging* ;)

"Farissa will have problem finishing that.. you do know that papa?"

After brunch *as usual*, Farissa will insist to go to Smaland.. 
So, Mr. Bob send her to the playground and then, we went catching more ideas for Farissa new bedroom..
*yup stay tune for that also*

*Ruzain is compiling measurements for the wardrobe* teehee....

*yeehawww* My little botak cowboy!!

Ok that's all for now folks!! Stay tune for more design ideas~


Iela Fazielah said…
ok..xsabar nak tgk bilik baru farissa n ur outdoor garden tu....mesti cun