Chubbies Cyberjaya

Hi guys!

Bored of the usual makan2 in Cyberjaya? Well, why don't you guys tryout the new hangout in Shaftburry. Chubbies looks and feel fresh, the decor youthful and kind of fun. I stumbled across this small cafe on the way to Kenny Rogers and thought.. well let's just have a go. Try out something new. It was definitely awesome.

Price wise is in the average range in Cyberjaya. When it got down to our drinks, Chubbies ice lemon tea looks slightly different from what we are used to but tasted refreshing. *gulp* I feel thirsty now..

The Eiffel tower and Ben looks nice right?

You can choose to dine outside or the inside.
Cyberjaya is way hot for me to be dining outside. ;)

Ok this is what I had ordered. Tasted very nice.
They even sprinkled some cheese on top of the french fries.
*gulp again*

Total damage for lunch = RM20 ok meh?
So, why dont you guys give a try and leave a comment here.


Irma Putri said…
macam best tempat ni..kita berangan je la nak bukak mini cafe jual cuppies... :)
Muhammad Taufiq said…
Hi salam perkenalan :) U have a great and nice blog. Do u mind to visit and follow my blog ? =) It always open for everybody. :D
ape lagi.. :) you kan dah ada talent.. I sokong! hehehe