Recurring Episod of Henoch Scholein Purpura

There is nobody on earth that wants to be sick. No one wants their children to suffer of any illnesses. But sometimes, GOD gives trial on our faith and love. Trial on our relationship and strength. I haven't got the chance to update this blog for quite sometime. We went to Malacca on 14th - 15th July, only to discover, that Farissa caught up with a second episod of HSP. (This entry will act as my own memo, just incase nauzubillah nauzubillah nauzubillah, that her HSP recurr yet again).

Farissa was having cough for about 2 weeks with the last days (4 days of fever). Took some antibiotic @Fadzliana. Should have visited the specialist much earlier.

14th July 2012
I discover some family rash marks/bites on Farissa right foot. Told hubby that I worry that it maybe it is HSP. He told me not to worry needlessly.

15th July 2012
Usually Farissa have a huge appetite in the morning. This morning she turns down her favorite sausages. I start having question mark hanging on my head.

16th July 2012
She starts having stomach cramps on and off. Have me worried. I had medical check-up @ SMC. I brought her along since she is unwell. Take care of her the whole day. The prospects doesn't look good. She looks ill and her rash worsen.

Brought her to the Emergency unit @ SMC. Somehow, she looks ok (because she had vomited everything out). Tummy is empty, only to send back by the Medical Officer --> crap! Looks young and inexperienced.

17th July 2012
I tak puas hati!!!!! Called the SMC Dr. Khoo Boo Aik children specialist. Farissa's attending for last year HSP treatment.

Starts vomiting episode. She could not eat anything. Everything will come out. Seriously worried and make confirmation that her HSP is coming back. Called the office, sms and inform everyone that I will need to be away for a while. Canceled all meetings. Went to SMC.

Dr. doesn't straight away gives his diagnose. Told us to come again in 1 week time. I was very unhappy with the decision. I ask hubby to persuade the Dr. for Farissa to be admitted. The Dr. agreed. Blood test and urine test was taken.

Poor baby.

18th July 2012
A lot of medication was given to ease her stomach pain. Nothing helps. Not even the pain killers. She still has the vomiting episodes. Thank God for the drip. She couldn't even take in a sip of water.

Dr. came in the afternoon and told us that her blood as high level of Mycoplasma. Normal blood will have about 80 and Farissa's is about 1200++. She will need to start the intake of antibiotics (5 days course). This really helps.

19th July 2012
Still have stomach cramps. She couldn't sleep throughout the night. Crying off and on. Told the Dr. and he ensured that Farissa will have to start with the intake of Prednisolone (some sort of Cortisteroid) which will help her manage the pain.

Right after a dose shoots in to her system. She definitely feels like her old self. She starts eating and walking around her rooms. She even have the mood to color and disturbing the nurses (which we told her not to). Alhamdullilah. How I missed her healthy and happy. Ya Allah. Kekalkan lah kesihatan dia.

20th July 2012
She was discharged and we monitor her at home. Alhamdullilah alhamdullilah alhamdullilah. She is ok with her medication. It was a day before Ramadhan and we treated her for a meal @ Secret Recipe. She ate a whole lot (I think the steroids makes her hungry). *Love*

Let's all pray that she will remain better.
Darling mama and papa really love you.

Will update more after her check-up this Thursday.


kimi said…
hope u will be always in healthy syg.. :)
Nadra Farissa said…
tq auntie.... mari kite sama2 berdoa ya.. lap her sooo much.. hhuhuhu
Iela Fazielah said…
owh farissa... sedih untie untie doakan farissa cepat2 sembuh dgn sempurna ye sayang.. farissa kuat! mesti dpt lawan sakit tu