Henoch Scholein Purpura Updates!

Salam Khamis all!

It's been a long time since I've given any updates on Farissa's HSP condition. I don't think that I've uploaded these photos before (in this blog) so here goes. 

As maybe some of you may or may not know, Farissa suffered a blood condition known as henoch scholein purpura (a mouth full to pronounce *i know*) about 9 months ago. Lasted for a good 5 months. A worst case scenario would be a child losing her renal function (fungsi buah pinggang) or really bad arthiritis/joint pains (like what Farissa has). 

Nobody knows how's a child could really suddenly have this sickness, as it comes and goes as it pleases. Most people did mentioned that it could start from a case of a simple flu but once the flu is gone the white blood cells (which fights the flu virus) keeps on fighting good blood cells instead. Thus, the red spots covering Farissa's little body. The main problem that I had with this disease is that the pain it causes Farissa (in her tummy) like non stop. No breaks. No rest. She will be in pain throughout the day. Her arthiritis condition will come and go. The more she moves, the more blood cells will rupture, the more pain she will suffer.

To really help Farissa endured her pain, she consume multiple types of pain killers. 
  • ibuprofen
  • nurofen
  • steroids (pills)
  • steroids (cream) - really bad skin irritation
If I had a choice, sure I wouldn't even think of giving her steroids. I've made countless research *believe me* on the side effects especially about the moon face condition. Heck, I'm willing to try anything. Yup, its so true she will eats hell lots. She feels hungry all the time. So, I would supply her fruits to maintain her weight. Eating, that's another thing. If she's in pain, she will eat none. So, I say eat!! Have the steroids.

Her pain would not allow her to even go to school. Play with friends. Kids are afraid of her. Afraid of getting her disease. Why would they not? I don't blame them, but it breaks my heart when she felt alone. She have one good friend though. Little Ms. Batrisya and well GOD bless her.

Outside people can stare. Keep their distance. Call me a bad mom for letting Farissa out to school but until they experience this themselves. They will never know. :) Its ok. "Allah Maha Mengetahui. HE is the source of our comfort. The source of our healing. Syukur. We were never alone to face this".

All in all, Farissa had this @ about 5 months. I actually felt that it was way longer. She got better eventually. However, her doctor ask us to check on Farissa's urine and poo poo constantly. To make sure that there is no blood to show re-occurrence. So, parents out there with HSP condition. Pray to GOD. Insyallah, HSP will go away and your child will get better (although @ that momment and time you might not think so).

 Farissa and her cousins giving us some kungfu panda action!!

 waaaay cute right?

 Farissa enduring her joint and stomach pain. My strong little girl.
This was during Raya Haji last year.

Farissa was absolutely strong throughout it all. Although her mama was not so. 
Thank you for being patient with me little one.
Love you for always ~love mama~


Nuha Ariana said…
dh ilang ke penyakit ni?kesian farisa...dugaan allah ade hikmahnya....byk bersabar dan berdoa insyaallah....
Nadra Farissa said…
Alhamdullilah... she's a lot better now... :)
hi there,

apparently my son also having the same disease. i know how u feel...:( he just discharged from KPJ Shah Alam today.