HSP Follow-up @ SMC

It's been a whole week since Farissa checked-out from the hospital. Eversince, she got back home *alhamdullilah* she is back to her old talkative and active self. She was free off pain but still she was on antibiotics to kill off the Mycoplasma in her blood + Dapsone (steroid) to surpress her stomach pain.

She was back to school on Monday(23rd July 2012). I spent some time talking to her teachers and her headmistress so that they are aware of what she has. They seem to be really supportive of this matter *alhamdullilah*.

So, off we went to SMC (papa is not with us.. he is travelling).. We waited about 30 mins, then Dr. Khoo came back from his round in the ward rooms. Farissa ran straight to him and said HARI NI TAK MAU CUCUK2 The doc have a good laugh on this... and turn to me and said ALAMAK DAH ADA SPECIAL REQUEST LA... hehehehe

Told the doc about her positive progress at home and she was given additional 2 weeks of Dapsone to slowly cut her medication off. Insyallah we pray that this will be the last dose for her.

Farissa in front of Dr. Khoo's clinic...
Waiting patiently for her doc with jellies..

We pray for her speedy recovery..
Mama and papa really love you darl!! :)