Little Handy Helper - In da Kitchen

Farissa just love tools... especially those that she can find and play in her papa's tool box.. believe it or not, the pipe which mama just bought about 1 year ago is worn out!! (dah la mahal.. :( by mama's standard la..)

So, papa in a mission to place a new pipe for mama before he starts traveling all around Malaysia la..

Here is papa aka the plumber beneath the sink... :D
Farissa next to him just ready to act!

Their conversation goes like this:

Papa: Farissa papa nk squeeze (character dlm handy manny)
Farissa: Nah squeeze... check!!
Papa: Kasik papa rusty plak..
Farissa: Rusty yang beso ke... rusty yang kecik?? (ada 2 jenis kat situ)
Papa: Small Rusty....

ekekeke.... comel kan?? :)
Alhamdullilah time ni Farissa dah a lot better.. this was 1st Ramadhan after berbuka puasa di rumah Nenma in Shah Alam... @ 11pm 


Iela Fazielah said…
Owh sooo cute! Rajin papa dia layan....
Nadra Farissa said…
hihihi mama dia not so rajin ar... :p