What's in My Hospital Bag? Ngeeee~ 35 Weeks

All my bags are packed and I am ready to go.. *lalala..

Up to date I am 35 weeks people! So, last week I've made up my mind to finally packed my hospital bags. I had chose to bring one small cabin size luggage bag (a free gift which Nenma had given me) and one diaper bag (this is the bag that papa had chosen to buy for his new baby). In the end, both of the bags looks so masculine to me. Boo!! Looks like papa will do the lugging of the bags then. :D

My chosen bags

Mama's Bag~

Since, this will be my fourth time stay in a hospital and deliver (my 2nd pregnancy was an ectopic), you can read it here. This time round I feel that I know what are the things that I truly need, and trying my best to not over packed my bags. So, here are the stuffs that I packed for myself

Sijil Nikah, IC copies, Check-up Book and GL from Company
2 bath towels (one for me and one for Mr. Bob)
Disposable cotton panties (a pack of 5)
2 Face Towels (If I had a c-sec, I will clean my body with a wet face towel only)
1 Laundry bag
2 pairs of reusable nursing pads
2 pairs of nursing bras
Bengkung Wrap (important especially if c-sec to keep the wound in place)
1 pair of fluffy slippers (optional)
Toiletries (Bath gel, shampoo, travelling tooth brushes, facial wash, massaging oil, lip gloss, deodarant, etc.)
1 Pack of Maternity Pads (Intimate Brand)
1 Sweater
3 T-shirts
2 Kain Batik
1 Long skirt (going home)
2 fluffy socks
2 Instant Shawl (will put in later)
Husband Clothes Change
Cameras and Video Recorder

Baby Bag~

1 Labour Room Bag (1 diaper, 1 pair of LS outfit, mittens & booties, 1 hooded blanket/wrap)
1 Baby Bottle (just in case, usually my breast milk comes in the 3rd day)
1 Hooded Bath Towel
1 Face Towel and 1 Napkin (to wash/wipe/wrap)
2 beanies
2 pairs of mittens and booties
1 instant swaddle (easier and faster to wrap)
2 pairs of LS outfits
2 pairs of sleepsuit
20 nb diapers (decided to bring merries brand)
Baby toileties just brought the kids ones, minyak telon, nappy cream

That's everything for now. :) Off and on, I will definitely be putting in some more things in. Haha.

Oh btw, I also brought this manual pump given by an office mate. You never know if it will become handy.