H&M Deals Corner! Mommy shopping again!

One place that I had always love to shop for home goods stuffs and kids outfits are at H&M. The design are unique and quite funky. However, the price are not always attractive. Kids clothes can range for about RM 40 and above. Quite frankly, it's on the pricier side.

Anyway, last week I had a chance to do a bit of shopping at H&M @ IOI City Mall. Some of the kids and home items are on special deals. I do wish they had more choices though. I was able to grab 2 pairs of 2M-4M long pants, 2 kimono style baby shirt 2M-4M sizes, hair clips, 2 kids bath towels, 3 pairs of boys socks and 3 pairs of baby socks for a total of RM 140. Worth it right?

Here are the haul items!!

Everything looks so cute

2 shirts for RM 25 and 2 pants for RM 30

These were not on sale... hahaha.. But because they are super adorable.. they are in the shopping haul too!