Things to Get for Baby R - Newborn Must Haves

Alhamdullilah.. this week would be Baby R 33 weeks in the womb. By now his preparation checklist is about 90% complete (really hope so). I have been procrastinating packing the hospital bag and are very determine to get it done by end of this week (must.. must.. must... hahahaha). Everything is washed and clean, the bags are ready to be filled but my momentum is just out of whacked.

Anyway, today I would like to share with you ladies of the must haves for a newborn especially if you are here in Malaysia and practicing the conventional 'pantang' regime. However, if you feel that there are some things that I didn't mentioned here but it is important to have.. leave your comments below. It might be very helpful for other new mommies ya..

1. This is the "Tunku Tuam Bayi". What you do is that you heat it up using an iron and press it on the baby stomach and 'balls'. Apparently it will help to ease colic and deflated balls. Sorry I am so bad explaining this. Huhu. Inside of this tunku is herbs and spices.

2. For sensitive skin baby, it is better to spray the baby but with warm water then wiped it with a cotton when baby goes number 2. Some wet wipes would cause irritation onto baby butt.

3. I like the Pigeon brand Nose cleaner to clean out baby nose if there is any snort. It is tiny and easy to use. I use this for all of my babies.

4. I am not really sure if Baby R would be a pacifier baby, though I love to wish so. Ruzain was not and Farissa was absolutely depended on this. So, just bought this in case. At least Baby R is irritated we could easily comfort with this thingy. I bought the smallest pacifier that I could find online and come across the brand nip.

5. Minyak telon.. Of all the minyak telon.. I find this brand (Nyonya Meneer) has the most appealing smell. But if you are used to YuYi, it is good also.

6. To wash the baby mouth with this Mouth Cleansing Liquid. I remembered distinctively that Farissa had quite a case of mouth fungal infection because I didn't clean her mouth. So this time round, I make sure that I get this stuff.

7. Sudocream - I've tried this, and quite happy with the previous result so, for Baby R's butt we will use this diaper cream.

8. Baby balsam (vicks) is great for baby's blocked nose and heat up cold chest, so I get this just in case for cold. Plus, kakak and Ruzain could also use this too.

9. When I went to the pharmacy,  I was looking for Gripe water, but it was not available. The pharmacist then recommended this brand for colic, so I bought it just in case.

Ok mummies, that is end of today's list. Should there be more in the future insyallah will share it with you guys ya. :)