Office Collective Wall Art Deco

To tell the honest truth to you guys, frankly we have yet to hang this collective wall art in my home office *forgive me!!*. My Bob was super busy with drilling the staircase towards the 3rd floor instead.

No matter.. insyallah it will get done during this weekend. :) I am 100% confident *nervous laugh here*. I bought a jumble of stuff at one of the visit at Spotlight MyTown last time. All the frames were like 60 percent discounted. I also bought the letter M for Mama and plan to paint it in gold (done this part).

I lay everything out on the floor according to the design that I want (you can view below). I also included one of our souvenirs from Shanghai last time. It is a cool Happiness wording in Pink with a pair of pink gold fish! The paint job was super easy and now we just have to wait for the final product on the wall. Hopefully, Mr. Bob is looking forward for this diy soon. Hehe.

Lay everything out on the floor to get the visual and management

Champagne gold decor art paint

Paint brush, super sturdy.. but soft..