Melaka Bird Park Review

We were not sure where to bring the kids while waiting for Nenma and Tok Ayah to arrive in Melaka. Farissa will be following them back to JB for the school holidays. So, after wondering around Ayer Keroh area, we stumbled across the Melaka Bird Park sign and just like that decided that we ought to check it out.

The bird park was really near to Melaka Wetlands / Skytrek. Right beside if I am not mistaken. Parking was quite ample, but then again, there was not so many visitors. We arrived at the entrance right around 11am which the lady at the counter informed us that some of the birds will be up in their nest because of the mid day heat. The park at a glance feels small and limited. Park tickets for our family cost us about RM 60 (with myKID and myKAD).

Upon entering the aviary, we were greeted by many chickens, a  couple of peacocks, a couple of love birds. The keeper also informed us that the elevator was not working, which means we had to do a bit of climbing in order to view the colourful macaws (which was awful for a 30 weeks pregnant lady). However, I braved up the stairs as the kids a quite eager to see the birdies. *sobs*

The stairs are dreadfully dirty with plenty of bird poo. It makes me wonder the last time they scrubbed or clean the steps. It's also quite hazardous when you have small children climbing up the steps as well. On the very top, there is a walkaway around the aviary where you could take pictures of the birds, but there were not many. Couldn't hardly say that this is an interesting bird park. Clearly it is lacking of birds. However, kids being kids, they enjoyed themselves tremendously and even begged Mr. Bob to buy them for some bird food.

Mr. Bob (as usual) obliged to their request. There are some corns for the chickens, sunflower seeds for the macaws and some sort of liquid for the smaller birds (I guess). Now, the pictures!!

The entrance of the park

Small aviary with many chickens

Us on top of the aviary

A peacock.. all the birds seemed quite tamed

Feeding the hens

Many of them coming for food

Persuading the macaws for a bite.. I think they are already full..

So that was our short but interesting visit to the birdpark!