Celebrating Ruzain's 5th Birthday @ Nenma's Putrajaya Villa

Alhamdullilah.. We were so blessed to have you in our lives..

Adek lah buah hati kami semua.. We had a small celebration at Nenma's house since we had invited all Nenma's siblings for tea time.. Mama papa bought a small chocolate cake for the candle blowing ceremony and insyallah, Ruzain will be celebrating with his classmates for his 5th birthday..

Love you so much adek!!

Happy birthday sayang!!

Alalala.. suka la tuh kan..

Birthday cake for his school celebration

Goodie bags that mommy had packaged for him

This is for the boys.. purple ones for the girls..

So cute!! Those who are wondering... you could get the packs of 10 @ diy for RM2.50.