Siam Elephant Safari

Hi guys, today let me share about our half day trip to Siam Elephant Safari. Since, the children are very excited to meet up close and personal with elephants, I decided to book up this trip. Based on the numerous elephant trekking available in Phuket, Siam Elephant Safari received the highest rating in Tripadvisor. A lot of the time people expresses their satisfaction on how excellent the Safari been managed and how kind the mahouts take care of the gentle giants.

I've book the tickets online, and it costs about MYR 480 for our family of 4 which includes transportation to and fro from the hotel, plus 30 min trekking. The driver arrives right on time and we had to rush at the main lobby. I didn't get the chance to finish up my breakfast. :p Haha!

Farissa was super excited for this activity

Ruzain don't even understand  where we are going

Long windy roads.. plastic bags anyone?

We picked up a few other  people along the way at Karon Beach and the total journey took us about 45 minutes. The driver was truly professional and punctual. :) Anyway, once arrive you will be given stickers to ensure that you are in the right group. We got the purple stickers which means we are in the 30 mins trekking group.

Excited kids and hubby with their stickers

Mommy and baby elephant
Our guide then introduce us to our first elephant. I forgot her name but she is 8 yrs old, Farissa was really intrigue that the elephant is the same age as her. Hihi. Since, it has been numerous times that I touched and caress elephants, I had no problem hugging and feeding her. :) I just love the whole intimate experience.

Awww you are so adorable

Children can feed the elephant with a mere THB 100 per basket


Hey this floor is decorated like an elephant!

Ruzain got a turn

You got to read about some elephant FAQ right next to the elephant petting place

Ruzain wants a turn too!

Family picture! Smile. :)

We then walk up towards the elephant trekking place. It's not that far from the initial elephant petting enclosure. Here the guide introduce one of the elephant and 'the do's and don'ts'. For example, we are not allowed to make up noise because that might spook the elephants. We move out with a group of 10 elephants by twos. Ruzain ride with papa while Farissa ride with mom.

A bit of walk

3 little elephant statues

Some introduction on the mahouts and elephants

Elephant trekking!!
Hi Papa and adek!

Breathtaking views

Adek seemed so relax on the elephant

Farissa was too!

Here is our group.. walking in a line..
It was a magical experiences for both the kids and us. The ride is absolutely safe (I even saw a 6 month year baby up on the elephant), both the mom and baby was quite relax as well. After the trekking we are allowed to take photos of our elephant plus we are also able to feed them (of course with a price). Ruzain did not want to feed his elephant this time round. As you can see from the picture below, this 43 year old elephant is huge!

Would we want to do this again, most definitely is it by Siam Safari. :) Highly recommended. You can also read my review in tripadvisor.

Farissa and her new pal!
Awww they seemed really hungry mommy

Family photo op!
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babYpose said…
Hi again Farah, it was so fun get to ride the elephants went thru the woods, it looks so back to nature, if it safe i want to try, another thing is there news the elephants become out rage or something? I hope not, always dream to ride this and camel :) ya looked like the elly feed adik not the other way around :))
Yelah I just noticed that... Haha!!