Batu Feringghi and Mi Udang Penang 3

Gosh, it felt like ages since I wrote an entry. Forgive me blog. Life been quite busy with weddings and family commitment. I know it's been 5 weeks since we went to Penang but here it is my last entry of the bunch. You can read the previous post here:

Penang Hill and Hammer Bay JJCM Penang 2
Hameediyah Restaurant and Gu5to JJCM Penang 1

The last day at Penang we decided to visit the beach. Where else than Batu Feringghi. I know it is not the most beautiful beach in Penang but it just have to do for now. When we got there it was still very early and there is not so many people. The kids were ready to just soak in the water but I was really against dipping and changing their clothes that they were allowed to just play by the shores. :D

I suggested for the kids to play with sand and since Ruzain was fairly new to potty training he needed the toilet like immediately. Thank GOD for public toilet and Mr. Bob. So, as you can see Ruzain is in his  boxers. The beach was quite clean and it was really relaxing just chilling watching the kids play.

Staring in the waters

Sandcastle time.. Mama wants some chilling..

Yeay!! Running by the beach!

Building my own castle!

Collecting some shells..
Of course our visit to Penang won't be complete without stopping by Hard Rock! *Mama need some toilet anyway* They were having some promos so everyone got themselves a t-shirt. Yippie!

Hard Rock Hotel
Oh yes, before we got back from our Batu Feringghi trip we went to sample some mi udang nearby. The recommended restaurant was closed so we end up having to try out at a random stall. It was ok, could be better.

Farissa wanted the fried fish with rice..

 Restaurant from the outside

Well folks that's all for now will write in more soon. Insyallah!


babYpose said…
Beautiful images, especially with the beatles and the blue sky background.