Phuket Jungceylon Day 1

The first thing we tried out when going out of the hotel was to ride the tuk tuk. You can actually try to bargain on the price of the ride but it totally depends on the driver mood. Everywhere in Patong tuk tuk drivers will charge you for about 200THB per ride around the town. We got ours for 150 THB from Holiday Inn to Jungceylon. Totally a walking distance but since we are still quite unfamiliar with the place we decided to just go by tuk tuk.

Both of the kids are super excited trying out such a fun new thing. Except I kept reminding Farissa to put her arms in the moving tuk tuk. The roads here are quite hectic with motorist and transportation are very near to one another.

Our first tuk tuk, we had many after this one. :)
Jungceylon is like any other normal shopping mall, fully air condition but because we came from the KL city, it was quite a disappointment for me. Anyway, the point of coming here was to purchase a couple of souvenirs for friends and family. We went straight up to 1st floor where many of the stalls were selling 100THB per packet of each souvenirs.

Many were forms of magnets, key chains, purses and shawls. Most of the smaller items will come in bigger packs (more value for money). However, we did not purchase any of our t-shirts here. I decided to wait a bit to find a better bargain somewhere else.

Front of the mall

Kitty cat to greet us by the door
After shopping we went down to lower ground to try out the Food Bazaar. I've done quite a bit of reading and I am confident that there a few HALAL stalls here. Voila I was right! Most people will definitely noticed that I am a muslim (because of the head covering). One brother upon us entering the food bazaar quickly showed us the HALAL stalls. Alhamdullilah, there were 3. One stall owned a halal cert, Bismilla Kitchen, 2 others inform us all of the food came from a HALAL vendors. So, we placed simple menu which was tom yum chicken, sweet and sour chicken and prawn omelet. Everything was so delicious and only cost us about 600THB.

Another muslim couple

Bismilla Kitchen

Very clean and comfortable

We ordered out ABC here.

Farissa with her souvenirs!

Mr. Bob have trouble communicating with the stall owner so a brother came to help him with the ordering

OOooh yummy

Such nice omelet..

Ok that's it folks!! Another entry for another day..
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babYpose said…
Never been there but its one destination in the list, thanks for sharing, get some ideas traveling with kids, so cute your kids