Latest Ideas for Our New Home from IKEA

I've been meaning to share with you guys some display from IKEA. A couple of weeks ago, the familia went to IKEA Cheras for the sake of exploring the new launch of IKEA Cheras. I swear to you it has been months since our last visit. Huhu. The new place was humongous and the kids (especially Farissa) was super excited to try out the new Smale' Land. It was CNY morning and we were very early, the place was quiet with few patrons. We decided to have our breakfast first and send off Farissa to Smaland afterwards.

We got ourselves 1 hour before we had to pick up Farissa from Smaland (poor Ruzain was still a couple of centimetres short). Next time baby ok?

The most important think for us to grab ideas was the kitchen, so we went straight to the kitchen displays. The newest design is the METOD kitchen. I am liking the sleek cupboard doors and truly set my mind of having an island in our new house.

Love the glass subway tiles as backsplash

The wall cabinet with purple glass doors was super amazing
Yup my cheeky little rascals is here with us to look around.

Gosh this back splash is also so nice right?

Price wise is a little bit pricey considering you need to built up everything yourself

Laundry rooms with plenty of space to fold up cloths and hang them

What about this gorgeous simple dining room. I just love the chandeliers

My future work table maybe? Hehe
Last but not least, I feel truly madly deeply in love with this room with pink and whites. Something to pounder over for Farissa's future bedroom perhaps. I'm loving the name on the wall and full glass wall. Would be great for Farissa dancing and performing practices. :)


lia ummiirfan said…
dapat dapur macam style IKEA punya design memang seronok memasak! :))
dorsett pink said…
I do love the laundry
Zie Azi said…
dah lama nak ke ikea cheras,tp last2 ke ikea damansara jugak..huhuu