Restoran Sajian @ Adda Heights JB ~ The Start

Restoran Sajian was my dad baby project. He had actually dreams about opening his own restaurant for a while now (ever since I was in highschool)  and alas he takes courage. The initial plan was for my to fork up her all time favorite recipe and shared it with her cooks. But it seems rather difficult of finding the right one. So, my mom takes up the challenge and becomes the restaurant executive chef.

This restaurant serve both local and western dishes but I have to tell you that the western dishes are super tasty. The chef is very experienced and service previously in one of Johor's prestigious golf resorts. During one of my short visit, I've tried the Beef Teppanyaki and immediately fell in love with the delightful taste. You should definitely have a go!

If you see the dark, good looking guy at the register, you know that is Hakim my younger bro. He always wear a cap. My dad always say that one day this would be his business. Insyallah.

Cheating mommy eating scrumptious ice cream!

My mom specialty is Nasi Bryani Ayam and Nasi Bryani Kambing has always been the family favorite. It is serve with acar buah and if you have that with Sirap Bandung Soda *mak aih* Lazat I tell you. :)

Nenma and Kiddos

So, guys how would you know unless you tried it yourself right? Bring you family and friends along. Lepak2.