Property: Finding Your Dream Agent

The biggest fear that I have when thinking of selling my property is to be able of selling in a short time. I wouldn't lie, this is the main factor for me holding back of finding a new house. Questions of possibility of being static and unable to sell keeps popping in my head. Each time I browsed in iproperty or property guru, I find your myself looking into other properties, its pricing and condition of the houses. It truly intimidate me and I almost didn't have the guts to do it!

However, today I will be sharing on my essentials to successfully sell a property.

  1. Market survey. Don't jump into selling the unknown. Do your research. Look at other properties around your area. How much are they selling? Is it a basic unit? Does it comes with kitchen cabinet, fully extended, built in wardrobe? One thing now I know, beautifully decorated house comes with no value added, so don't try to be cocky and overpriced your house or you will be stuck with it much longer.
  2. Get agents, good ones. Look into agents whom are knowledgeable in your respective area. If they specialised in Klang Valley they are only good in Klang Valley. If you are selling a bumi lot, it is recommended that you find malay agents. I personally, hooked on 3 agents but only one are truly active and dedicated in selling my house. Email if you want contact.
  3. Do not signed for exclusive, you will set yourself for failure. It is good to get a few agents but do not go overboard more than 3. It will be hard to handle.
  4. Try and market yourself by putting an Advert in the newspaper. I booked 4 slots in the Star but had only one viewing.
  5. Clean up! Make your house presentable should you want to sell it with more profit. Repaint is a good idea. People will come to judge your house, if it is in bad condition they will another property in a blink. More damage means more money.
  6. Take good pictures. This will come in handy should you have any interest from potential buyers.
  7. Work hard for it. I never say no for a viewing. Whether it is a worknite, weekends, holidays. Never. You never know, the person that comes for that viewing may be the one that actually buys your property.

So, this is just some of my tips and I hope that it will be use as guidance by new sellers like myself. Remember if you need an agent to assist you, mine is excellent. He was able to lock in a booking within a month time. Alhamdullilah. Syukur pada nikmat Allah. :)