Launching of Bastion House and Pavillion KL!

Last Sunday, we went to attend a launching of the Bastion house in Cyberjaya. The newly launched semi- detached house was breath taking. It was white, it was truly majestic. It is situated in the middle of an island surrounded by some man-made lake. I went for a viewing because they promised us a boat ride on the waterway.

However, due to the hot weather, the water level became so little that the boat ride had to be cancelled. *Bored*. We did however, got the chance to look around the newly built house. For those of you who is wondering that this could be our new house, you are wrong.

This house will cost you more than 2 million *I think*. Where on earth could I dig out that money from? Hehe.

The flower plants are here to attract butterflies and we did saw some
Mr Bob admiring the site
After spending an hour there, we went straight to our next course of destination which was the Pavillion KL.  Farissa did outstandingly for her mid term exams that Mr Bob wanted to buy her the roller shoes from Heely's. Man those shoes were super expensive!

We didn't actually buy anything else because I've already prepared the kid's raya outfits before the Ramadhan. So we were only there for the shoes.

Smile everyone!
Crazy dance

There is nothing else to write about today.
Enjoy breaking fast with your love ones ok!


Iela Fazielah said…
la....yeke..ingatkan rumah baru u....kagum kamiorg tau...