Man of Her Dreams~

Haha! The title does not make sense doesn't it? Well, it will... just wait until the end of this entry.

Last weekend, we went to Sunway Pyramid with my sissy to do some window shopping. Hey! It's true.. I didn't actually get any salary this month :P *true story* So, I couldn't afford to splurge on anything. Anyway, there are many school holiday activities organised in Sunway Pyramid, so if you got the chance just drop by.

We had lunch @ Full House which was a first for me. The place was just lovely. :) There is so many things see and take photo off! Food wise though, I thought it was quite plain and simple. Price was, it was over the moon.

Farissa and a pink princess

Hot and cold lemon tea for us please!

Pleeeeease... see the leg aah!

Fish and chips for mama

Nuggets for kiddos!

Yup, this is it... the man of her dreams.. wakakaka!! He is quite cute actually