Vacation Mode 2015

Guys.. I am so stressed.. My next upcoming vacation will be way in April and September *insyallah* but what I am going to do in between.. Sobs.. Everyone else has started their own vacation trip.. Aaaarggghh..

No matter, there is a lot to prepare and a lot to think about.. I will share my prep with you guys soon along with useful tips that may get you some fabulous deals on vacation.. 

Before I end this post.. Introducing my new baby..

Two tones back and white Quinny Zapp 2.0
Why this? Well in comes with a handy raincover (definitely a need during one of my trips)..
Small tires.. Lighter than the Quinny Moodd that I was eyeing before this..
Comes with 20% discount (I bought this at Mamours OU)

and I added purchase a Quinny bag as the strollers will have to be placed into the cargo
(white colour equals to dirty)

I will also need to hope in and off trains so this may came in handy..
Also purchased through Mamours for RM 170..
Go and see Jerome.. Such an excellent sales guy..

Oh yes.. Have a nice weekend everyone!


dorsett pink said…
Ramai orang minat dgn quinny.. tapi saya tak minat.. huhu.. tak tahu lah kenapa.. btw, I'm going off to short vacation today =)) but, just a few km from kl. Hehe
babYpose said…
hope your preparation runs smoothly, nice stroller.