Aroi Thai Cyberjaya Review

Hello again fellow readers. 

Today, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the recently open restaurant Aroi Thai. Actually, I am quite unsure whether it is a new restaurant or I had just found it. Haha! Well, a friend of mine suggested it and I will never say no to Thai food. :) *winks*

This restaurant is tucked away in Shaftburry Cyberjaya right next to Speed99 Mart. They have quite a number of servers which will greet you right away. We were served almost immediately. Thank GOD as I was quite hungry that day.

Aroi Thai Boat Noodle and Street Food

The restaurant is brightly coloured

You can place your order at the counter or at the comfort of your own seat

Aaaaah. This is the menu and everything is RM 1.90. Yippie!
But be extremely aware that everything is served in such tiny bowls *damn*
Tiny tiny tiny bowls that you could finished everything in 3 bites. Haha!

Ok this is what we ordered, chicken fried rice, chicken balls, mango sticky rice, kerabu, fish cake, fried kang kung, tomyam noodle.
15 minutes later *yeah only 10-15 mins you could finish everything* talk about fast food.

Taste wise, quite tasty *in my opinion*
The total cost for our luch 9 bowls with 2 drinks. Multiply yourself. Haha!
RM1.90 for each bowl and cup.

Now, go on and have a try. I know I'm going again today.


Iela Fazielah said…
mcm ni mmg makn bermangkuk2 ni...
dorsett pink said…
Boleh cube ni.. tq bagitau
dorsett pink said…
Boleh cube ni.. tq bagitau
mummy sheefa said…
You did?? I always thought of trying.After all I am passing that restaurant every day. Good to know your opinion. Will try someday:)