Swiss Garden Resort and Spa Beserah, Kuantan Review

Hello peeps!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone! During this festive season, we were lucky enough to spend our long weekend at Swiss Garden in Beserah with the whole family. Tok Ayah was feeling kind generous so he went and booked 3 rooms for all of us. Ours was interconnecting with their 'family room' so we had a rather spacious feel. What's not so great for my brothers was due to the fact, we had two little monsters namely Farissa and Ruzain to run a muck in their rooms at odd times. Haha. Traffic was the worst though we hit the road at around 11am and landed in Beserah at around 6pm! 

Aww they left us with some goodies.

Breakfast was awesome!! Much improvements since the last time we were there.

I straight away called room service as we did not stop for lunch! *Cute packaging*

Mom ordered Margheritta Pizza

The hotel has a private beach. The view from our balcony.
Overall the room was quite clean but it has an old feel.
The hotel did a makeover for their bathrooms but furniture remain as is.

The only thing I could comment is that they should buy new bed covers as the ones they do have stained and it was not very nice for visitors. 

Space for luggage *checked!*

Newly refurbished bathroom.