KHAS Family Day @ Cherating

It was a wonderful family event, organized by our close knit cousins on Tok Ayah's side. At first, it was only our small family CNY trip, but it turn out to be a full blown bombastic event! :) Since, we all booked at Swiss Garden, almost all of the others stayed at the hotel next of Swiss *last minute*. We shared the same beach of course and could at any time crosses next to our fellow 'neighbours'.. "Hi Ho Neighbour!!"

The family having breakfast
It was really good to catch up with the family and it was more great that we could spend quality time with each other. I know... an "Awwwwww" moment here.

Mama Ngah giving Ruzain his own baby hammer to hammer down the beach

That's my girl!
Is this for eating mommy? No darling.. it is not..

Most of the other activities, was running and playing by the beach. I refused to let the kids get wet *because mommy doesn't want to get wet either* so they got plenty of time playing with the sand. Better option kids.

Ultraman wannabe on the beach!!!

We got to shake our bom bom after our morning walk.. 

Cousins play time!
All of us meet up by the beach after 5pm to get ready for our main family event which is the sports/games activities. We all got down and dirty. As you can see here, these are mostly our cousins and nieces/nephews. Where are the parents might you asked? Well...... they are...

Here!!!!! Laid back bebeh! *We don't want any bones breaking now do we?"

Since, Ruzain was too small to play any of the activities. Papa got some one to one time with the kid, playing beach soccer of course!

Look Papa! I am having so much fun!

While the adults playing rough, the kids enjoyed themselves with other fun activities like building sandcastles. Threading the beach line. Smiling for mommy on the camera.

We finished the games around 6.30pm and we got down to our simple snacking while the sea breeze slowly blowing to our faces.

Ruzain tired after running around.

And the kids got themselves some nice goodies bag to bring back.

I'm busy mommy.