Stroller Shopping Dilemma

Hello mommies!

I really need you help! Help with choosing one of these hot stuffs. This year, there will be a couple of family vacation overseas *cough here* so, I will need to invest a stroller to go along with it. Haha! Talk about reasons. :) I have 3 strollers up to now, one of which was Farissa's stroller. I have a combi, a halford and a sweet cherry. Never had I owned any of the expensive range (more than 1k). Well, its about time that I got one. 

Here let me share with you on what I think and how much is the price range.

Quinny Moodd Britto Designer Edition 
1. Price: RM 3000 - RM 3200
2. Pro: Sturdy, beautiful design
3. Con: Heavy, bulky, take up boot space and can only use up to 3.5 years old.

Cosatto: Pow! Edition
1. Price with diaper bag: RM1499
2. Pro: One of a kind, lightweight, least expensive
3. Con: Almost similar looking with other strollers in M'sia *berlagak tuh.. haha!*

4Moms Origami
1. Price: RM 3300 - RM 5000
2. Pro: Automatic folding, futuristic, awesome looking
3. Con: Pay extra to change covers, boring grey

I am not sure about you but I am truly confused by now. I am not a new mom but definitely a stroller freak. Well, I don't spend on LV handbags, SKII skincare but definitely love splurging on these babies. Come on.. tell me what to get!


dorsett pink said…
Peekara yg paling penting yang saya akan consider untuk saya membeli stroller ialah BERAT STROLLER. For me as a traveller, this is a very important factor that I must consider. I will try to find the lightest weight.sebab bile travel, nak usung stroller ke sana sini , payah gak tu