Fresh from the Oven

Hye folks! I've been busy this weekend. Yup! I've started to Raya clean the house. Called my entrusted weekend maids to come and clean all bathrooms, mop floors, wash garage and wipe clean all windows. I also make appoint to wash all cushion covers so that they are fresh for Raya. Teeheee. After all was settled I felt much more at ease to do other things. What are the other things? Baking of course!!

I found myself some easy to make chocolate chips cookies recipe to make and voila! A whole bunch of them fresh from the oven. Although it was not easy to keep them from the kids. No matter, I plan to bake more of them tonite. Insyallah. 

Until next entry. Selamat berbuka puasa.

Cookie taster. Lil Ms Farissa.

Ooooh.. smells so nice!

Well, at least somebody is happy.


Iela Fazielah said…
rasa nak msk lagi la cookies ni utk buat biskut raya...dpt bayangkan bau dia yg harummmm!
Nuha Ariana said…
Wah...sedapnyer...simpan sket time raye...hehe...