5 Ramadhan Terakhir

The last 5 days of Ramadhan. Time really goes by so fast. Many preparation had to be made before taking our short break for Syawal. Farissa is mentally preparing herself to complete her Ramadhan successfully. She had missed 6 days and was eager to finish off her fasting to enable herself to get treats from her mama and papa. Yes, I had promised some token of appreciation if she could finish off this 5 days without missing another day. Well, so far so good *alhamdullilah*

I had no new pictures to share and thought, it will be nice to just upload some juadah puasa that I had personally make for this Ramadhan. Although, I must confessed (twas not so many). Most of it I bought in Bazaar Ramadhan but somehow promised myself to never by those drinks sold at many of the stalls for fear of food poisoning. Mr. Bob had told me that one of this colleague's daughter (16 of age died) drinking some ABC at a Bazaar. Al-Fatihah.

Ok. I did a simple Mee Hailam.
It was delicious. Hahaha! *sendiri masak sendiri puji* :)
We also tapau some doughnuts as twas Farissa favorite dessert! 

Then, I tried a new recipe for Bread Pudding.
But this one doesn't taste that good.

And yesterday, I tried a new personal recipe of mine for baked macaroni with cheese topping.
The kids was so eager to eat and everything was finished all in one go!
Ok. Let's just let Ruzain pictures do the talking. :)