Last Copaque Before Ramadhan

My parents were here last weekend. They were to sign off another property in Bkt Jelutong, making investment meh. So, my sissy promise a treat for lunch before we hit Ramadhan month. After the birthday party in PJ, we went straight to Paradigm supposedly to Serai as that is where we wanted to have lunch. Lo and behold the place was fully book and we last landed in Ayam Penyet. We were quite full so we only ordered chendol. Taste? So so.

The kids enjoyed the small fountain almost getting wet themselves.

Just look at their happy faces *love*

Ok. Next I was trapped in GAP kids!
GAP was having one of their cheapest bargain sale.
Buy 4 additional 20%. So, I bought mostly shirts which only cost about RM20++.
Even malaysia brand like Anakku cost so much more.

So, we end the day with a round of merry go round.
*tak sah kalo x naik bile pi paradigm*
I am so out of words. :)