Down Memory Lane - Difference Between My Ramadhan and My Kids Ramadhan

Let's start of this entry with a bit of nostalgic moment. :) Today, I would like to share with all of you my memories of Ramadhan and those of my kids. 
I grew up with a rather large family. My dad has 10 siblings and my mom has 5 siblings. So, as you could imagine, I have many many cousins. I would like to believe that we were rather close to each other. We shared stories, memories, games and even Ramadhan together. Each Ramadhan, my dad would make an effort to come back to our 'Kampung' which was in Batu Pahat. Man, how I truly feel exited to meet and catch up all of my cousins. I look forward for the noisy ambiance, the feeling warmth and love. haaaaaaaaaa *sigh*. :-)
Not forgetting the feast that awaits us for 'berbuka' break fasting. There were so many food, plentiful that it will spread out across such long tables and everyone will line up like a buffet line to pick and choose their dinner. After breaking feast, most of us will digged up our luggage for mercun and bunga api (firecrackers). We would shout scream and laughed together. Oh, much fun.

After years went by, after our family experiences great losses of our beloved grandpa (tok encik) and grandma (mak tok). I guess, my Ramadhan somehow grew a lot quieter . I could not put a finger to it, but I felt different even times lonely. How on earth could I share of what I had experience and share it to my children?

The difference between my children and me is that, both of us (Mr. Bob and myself) only have 4 siblings. Most are still unmarried. They don't have first cousins, not yet anyway. So, when the opportunity came, I take up on it. My sister (Mama Ngah) is married to wonderful large family and belongs to a Kampung. :-) So, this Ramadhan, Farissa followed her Mama's Ngah back to the Kampung and how she loved it! Everyone was so nice to her, and I guessed she truly feels that all her friends are her family as well.

Oh yes, even though with no first cousins, my children are also super close with their second cousin.
Harith and Hamzha are beautiful kids of my first cousin Hanisah.
We had our break fasting at my auntie's house in Shah Alam.
Just look at them. Haish. Cannot be separated from the ipad.

Awwww. I hope all my reader out there will have a blessed Ramadhan.
No matter with whom you celebrate with.