Cheap Baju Melayu :) Review

Hye lovely readers,

How are you guys today? Are you confused on where to buy the cheapest Baju Melayu around? Your kids/hubby will only wear them once a year? I know just the place to do this. :)

Last year, for Ruzain's first Raya we bought him from the exact place which just cost us about RM30 including postage. So, this year I figured well, why not buy both for Bob and Ruzain from the same place and find the same exact color. Common, where's this place? Check out

Total combine price for Mr. Bob and Ruzain only cost me RM 90++ which I thought. Hey! Saving OPPO!! hikhik. Well, for those of you that who do mine maintaining standards, you should definitely search elsewhere because all these baju Melayu is sent directly from the factory.

Camne nih? Kakak and mama pakai Couture tp adek and papa wear factory made baju Melayu. Muahaha. Well, once a year right? 

I thought the end result was not that bad.
The price is also not that bad.
The service is excellent, you can read here from my email.
They are dedicated in finding us the exact same color for papa and adek which makes it much more fantastic!

Good luck in finding you Baju Raya Peeps! 
Let me know if there is other places that I could look into.


Liz said…
Oh wow thanks for the tip! Memang tengah carik baju Raya for Ian now. Susah betul nak carik size for below 1 year, and nak matching pulak ngan Abang dia haih. Do you know what is the smallest size they provide? Btw Ruzain sangat comel!!