Picture Frames above the Bed Headboard

Hello lovely readers of mine!!

Gosh, I feel very sleepy today. So sleepy that I almost fall asleep at my work desk a couple of times. How time flies, this week will be our last week of ramadhan and everyone is looking forward for that long Raya break (as do I) hehehe..

It will be quite different this year, as Mr. Bob and I will be celebrating our first day of Raya for the first time separate from each other. Long story short, there will be too much travelling for me to take should I decided to spend the Raya in Sarawak. Eventhough I had purchased my flight ticket, it looks like I had to waive it since no one wants to stay put for Raya at one place. *sobs*

One good thing out of this is that, next Raya will be with my family and hopefully with our new addition of our family. Now, let's get into the detail of drilling a couple of picture frames above the bead headboard.

Previously, this 4 frames were hung at our dining area at our old home. Since the space above our bed were empty, we decided to place them there. While Mr. Bob is busy drill some screws into the wall, I'm attaching picture hooks at the back of each frames. This is for fear that without it, one of the frames could eventually fell into out faces and break our nose or something. Har har. *breaking our noses while sleeping is no freaking joke*

Completed work.. Although it is not completely aligned properly.. Talk about laziness to measure before drilling..

 Although Mr. Bob's handy work was no Picasso, at least he still have the effort of hanging it..

First thing first.. measure the length of the picture frame and leave a mark at the centre
Since IKEA frame is quite tough\to screw over, I use this hand drill to  make some holes
Get some small screws like this, you definitely do not a bigger one..
Yep.. now you can screw it over.. Voila!! Easy peasy..



Zie Azi said…
smpi sekrang my frame tak gantung..
hari tu pob drill, dinding rumah keras sgt, konkrik, drill kecik tak lut nak tembus, pending lagiiiii hehhee
Kerja drill2 ni mmg kene tunggu Mr. Bob buat... kalo I nak angkat drill pun tak larat.. hehehe.