Breaking Fast Mommy's Cooking

Oh my, it became really apparent to me that keeping up with this blog is harder and harder. I do hope that I could keep on writing to keep all the memories of my family here and continue to write more in the future.

As per today, it is already the 20th day of Ramadhan and the good news is that Farissa was able to fast without fail up till now. However, Ruzain (still 4 yrs) has insisted that he is still too small to fast so we just let him be happy with his decision of not to fast. Hehe. What about mommy? I unfortunately had missed 2 days, both days it was because I was feeling too dizzy and weak after the doctors retrieve my blood for HB test.

Last week, I've made an order from a friend of mine: Efry for his delicious home made sambal seafood bakar at only RM10 per pack. You can easily grill fish, squid and prawns using this sambal paste. Since, we had some ikan kembung balances, so ikan kembung 'bakar' it is. I wrapped the fish to avoid over cooking it and the result was magnificent.

For dessert, I've made my special strawberry triffle and layered the top with sweet peaches. As you can see, adek just couldn't wait to dig in. Hahaha. Alhamdullilah, the food and dessert end up really good in our tummies. What are your menu for breaking fast tonite? Care to share?

Ikan bakar so tasty

Some fried bak chop with oyster sauce and mushrooms

Layered strawberry triffle

Don't forget about the whipped cream peeps!

Mommy can we eat now?