Oh the Drama Kakak!

I've been meaning to pierce Farissa's ears and buy her a pair of gold earrings. However, she was scared shit.

I've asked my mom and my sister in law to try and persuade her as I thought they would be much more successful than me. However, it was turns out even worst as Farissa was quite adamant of not getting her ear pierced for fear of the pain.

As a last resort, I gave her an ultimatum and in the end she agreed (but not without some wailing and tears). We went to Poh Kong Tmn Equine and the procedure was really brief and I was thankful that the lady that handle Farissa was friendly and gentle.

There you go, cute temporary earrings and the drama queen!

All smiles.. Hahaha.. Kan mama dah cakap.. tak sakit pun..


Iela Fazielah said…
bagus farisaa...n sgt cantik farissa bertindik...syafiqah pernah pasang tp telinga dia asyik berdarah....so...terus cabut tindik n sampai skrg xpakai dah...
Jepun Mari said…
dpt la anting2 baru nak raya ni..
sy pun terfikir jgk nak tindikkn anak dara tu, tapiiiii omak eii yg takut, anak lex je hahaa