Vanity Mirror Hollywood Style

I was immediately intrigued with the Hollywood style vanity mirror. As such, 2 months before moving in I've ordered one here.

Although the person who is handling my mirrors is such a nice lady, the overall product quality and delivery sucks big time. This is roughly my review:

Communication: 5 stars (really pleased with the patience and pleasant way that Ms. Suri treated me)

Delivery: 1 star (Mirrors are completed within 3 weeks but the delivery took months to complete. During my delivery (Chinese New Year),  they had some hiccups using a delivery service that it didn't take place for the next 2 weeks. Then, when they had finally get someone else to deliver it for us, one of the mirrors got lost. Since, I have lost my patience all together to wait longer, they send in something different from what I have ordered. So in total a month and a half for delivery).

Product damage: 2 star (The black mirror that I had received was busted at the back and one of the corners, chipped off.) Although the warranty is 6 months, I seriously didn't want to do the waiting game again.

Price: Personally I though it was ok, if the product is good. For the black 4x2, I've paid roughly RM 600 for it including postage.

So yep, if you guys love it, don't forget to leave  a comment below ya. Thanks!


Iela Fazielah said…
wow.... serius cantik