Moving Day Are the Worst!

Hello Lovelies!!

Been missing yours truly ya? Haha. Last week was our move out of our old place to our new one!! Yippie...... NOT!!

Yes we are excited. Yes we are looking forward to fewer to none traffic congestion. No to the hassle of moving. In total we have moved 4 times!! You heard me rite. 4 crazy times. Each time we had our own set of challenges and this time being our 4th move it didn't come a bit easier. :(

We've clean the new house the best we can and we rent a 5 tonne lorry which was clearly not enough from the sheer amount of things that we owned. Believe me, I purge a hell lot and still we did 8 trips back and forth (using our exora) to move completely out from our old house. *cry*

So, here a just some of the details that may help those who will be moving some what in the future.


I approach 2 separate cleaners:
1. Imansara Cleaner - Basically this cleaner would be the best choice. They bring their own equipment, they are professional movers cleaners, which means this is their main task. Cleaning houses after construction.
However, we did not want to spent RM 900++ for cleaning. Yep, this is their charges when it comes to a 3 story house.

2. Our normal Weekly Cleaners - They supply 2 maids to assist us from 9am - 5pm for RM 260. They are not professionals after renovation cleaners, but they did get the job done (just not up to perfection). But what do you expect for that amount of charges right. Mr. Bob and I still had to do a bit of additional cleaning afterwards.

Mover Lorry

We use the same brother (En Murad) for our move (like previous move). He provide a 5 tonne lorry with 2 additional helpers to carry the load. I've requested 2 stops, one at my parents house in Putrajaya and the last stop would be our house. He charged us RM 550 for this 2 trips which I thought was ok and use his service.

If interested you could call him @0123632176

Hey there's a carpet on my head

Chairs, mirrors, storage boxes you name it!

Our delightful messy home~