Cookies Decorating Class by Shila Showers

Hello ladies!!

How are ya doing today? I've been meaning to share about this in the longest time but seriously had to dig up some time to start. Heeee~

One of the things that I love to do is baking and of course with baking decorating will come as a part of it. Cookies decorating is definitely not hard to do, but to create something that taste good and appealing to the eyes is certainly much harder. After a few failed attempts of finding the right recipe for cookies sugar icing, I decided to go for the baking and cookies decorating class by the every famous blogger Shila Showers or in insta she is known as kakakookies.

Now, bad of me, I've canceled attending her class twice and she had graciously invited me for the third time around last week. I couldn't say no this time. I truly look forward to learn her tips and tricks in formulating the perfect glossy sugar, the brands of coloring, the brand of butter, the texture of the sugar, and her class truly gave me a leg up!

Nooooo, of course I wouldn't share it here. It's her tips and recipe, so you guys might as well go and grab a spot in her class in the future. In total, I paid RM350 for her class, which includes all of the ingredients, lunch, cookies and packaging of the cookies. You can get around 12 pieces of medium size sugar cookies per class, brought home. :) The children truly seemed to enjoyed them.

Right off the dough of the cookies, we get the recipe for this. Interestingly shaped cookies cutters.

Everyone will line their cookies in the baking tray

Roll up the cookie dough and carefully placing it on the reusable cookies sheet. Got to find those later!

Fellow class mates.. After this my phone was dead. Boooo!

Voila!! My colorful cookies. Those good looking one is Shila's work. Hahahaha!

The children enjoying it back home :)


Iela Fazielah said…
farah... share la resepi nak buat cookies tu... bestnyer...