Moving to a new home - Up to date Progress

So much to do... so little time.

Folks.. we have just finish transporting our stuffs back and forth from Seri Kembangan back to Cyber. Man, it took us almost 10 return transport by the exora. So, what is our recent projects?

1. Spray painting the orange planter box by IKEA. If you guys recall, it was bright orange color. Now it is in grey. I spray paint these boxes so that it will look good in the courtyard which is theme of white and grey. Took me less than 10 mins to paint and another 15 mins to dry it off. Will share with you guys once the courtyard is done ok.

2. Installing CCTV monitors and cameras - Since the house is equipped with CCTV wiring. The company that we have appointed for this is EE Automation. Can't really recommend this company as yet as they have yet to complete the installation.

We paid them around RM2500 for system and 4 cameras installation. However, the playback monitor we need to buy our own. Huhu. which is an additional of 200++.

3. Furniture arrangements -  Basically, it is still in progress but the children are able to entertain themselves watching astro so all is good for now. Alhamdullilah.


Irma Putri said…
cantiknya carpet kak... nak cari gak ni