Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Malaysian Mommy Blogger Review (Day 1)

Our first stop at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort was at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. The hotel was so beautiful, so breathtakingly amazing that we couldn't stop ourselves sighing "whoooooahhh... aaaahhhhhh" in the taxi cab. Our journey from the city took us for about an hour and it was smooth. Our previous hotel concierge had explained it quite clearly to our driver.

My first thought stepping in the hotel was that it was warm and inviting. To this date I could distinctively remember the smell of the lobby which seriously I look forward to coming back to this hotel every single day of our stay here. The check in was a bit lengthy as they had to scan each and everyone of our passports. While I waited for us to be checked in, Mr. Bob went to the concierge booking our character dining at Lumiere Kitchen. We were given 2 key room cards and a map around the hotel premise (in English), then we were kindly escorted to our room in 5th floor.

It was quiet a long walk to our room but each step our heart skip with anticipation. This was our room. Eventhough, it was the "cheapest" room, it was clearly magnificent. Beds were comfortable and we have the view of the beautiful green garden. However, were quite surprised that the amenities in the room was a shortfall in comparisons to our room where we stayed in Tokyo Disneyland. It was too basic for my liking, they truly should consider splurging the guest with more items in the bathrooms.

Anyway, enough of my chit chat. Here are the rooms!

The cosy bed and room ambience

An illustration of the castle

I found the Mickey and friends troops on the wallpaper

Drapes with cute Mickey ears

Mickey could sleep right beside you kiddos!

Mickey conducting his orchestra

Gold harp mirror of gorgeous Minnie

You must try on the cosy robes provided especially for you and your kids!

I am not sure of this portrait. Is it Cleo from Pinnochio?

Bathrooms. We discovered that the mineral water will be replenish every day (6 bottles each day)

All Disney channels!
After we did some unpacking, I decided to bring the kids and explore the hotel. Guess what? We stumbled across the Playroom and so, we had to spend some time letting the kids draw and color. The cast member was a bit weary communicating with my children as I am not sure they are fluent in English. Some could speak a little of English but I believe only one or two cast members. They were however, very warm and welcoming. The kids had lots of fun coloring their favorite character of the momment.

Children and their rabbit ears. The cast members given them to wear those cute ears.

Watching some TV in between

Coloring some more.
In the end, we had enough coloring madness and dragged the kids out from the Playroom.

Going up to the lobby


Ok the next bus to Disneytown!!!
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