Renovation Progress: Day 1

Today was too exhausting! We had 4 appointments with separate vendors to cater for the bolts and locks, wardrobes, main wet works and sofa cleaning. We've done the defects checking and forwarded the forms to the property management that morning. However, we found more defects that very afternoon. It looks like there is going to be another round of it.

Anyway, I couldn't share much on the renovation as mostly it was just an initial discussion with the contractors. However, I could share a bit more on my dream wardrobe! Yeay!! 

I guess it is almost every girls dream to have a beautiful walk-in wardrobe, it is of course my dream too. We found Shen Lida at one of the expo's that I visited and found in love with their Premium wardrobe design to display all of my 'designer handbags' *yeah rite*. I could envision there is going to be massive lightings and boy, let there be light. Hahaha!

I will share the design with you guys (if I ever get it). Its about 25 feet long but still I don't feel it's going to be enough. Mr Bob got himself some 4 feet of space, but the others will be mine. Muahahahhaa! *evil laugh*

PVC material to cover the wardrobe

Love the dark colors of the wardrobe

Mr. Alex, who had entertain us from start

Yep, our delivery will be on the last week of Feb once our major reno is done!


zzz said…
Hi may I know how much you did your wardrobe?
I am not sure if you are referring to the wardrobe itself.. however, mine is together with an island, vanity table set, 25 feet of wardrobe including premium glass, king size bed with side tables.. total is RM 20K ++
zzz said…

Thanks for the reply!
I am considering to engage them for the wardrobe as well.. do you mind to share the final look of the wardrobe??
Are you happy with their service and quality?
Yes very satisfied with their work. Will try to update on the wardrobe soonest. :)