Renaissance Yu Garden Review and Yuyuan Garden in Old Shanghai with Kids (Day 1)

Hi Guys!!

We're baaaack!! Well, we've been back for a while now. It just that I had the most difficult time to squeeze in some time to start writing about our recent holiday. However, it was a total madness of fun!

Prior flying to Shanghai, there was so many people were talking us out of the trip but I refused to listen and I'm glad that I did. Anyway, our flight was scheduled in the evening (there was not a lot of flight times to Shanghai through AirAsia) so we arrived at around 12.30am at Pudong Shaghai Airport.

I made some arrangements for hotel transport but sad that it they did not came to wait for us. Instead we had to decline many2 touts and get ourselves to the taxi stand outside of the airport. Although the waiting line was like 30 people long, there was a lot of taxi and the line were moving consistently. Our hotel was situated about an hour away from the airport and cost us about MYR 120.

KLIA2 with Mr. Astronaut

Our many pillows

Waiting for our plane
We arrived at the hotel at roughly 3am and the ride was uneventful. The hotel was super nice and delightful and the kind reception gave us a late checkout. Hurray! Lucky us. We got ourselves a pair of double beds and the room was spacious, clean and comfortable. From the pictures, it looks like the kids was quite energetic and it was not 3am in the morning. But believe me it is. Oh yes, the hotel is Renaissance Yu Garden which is situated really close to the Yuyuan Garden.

I did not get the room with breakfast as there was no halal spread. Instead, we had breakfast of bread and jam inside our room.

Comfy beds for a good nite sleep

Both a shower and a tub

Here is Ruzain, showing me that he wants a dip in the tub

Rain shower galore

Simple TV with HBO as one of the English channels
We had a very late morning, and went out at about 10am to walk towards Yuyuan Garden. I had plan the first night here because it was really close to the old Shanghai, it was walking distance to Yuyuan Garden and the bund, it is near to Fuyou Mosque (when there is a mosque surely it was near to a halal restaurant) and it was near some cheap shopping.

I just love the old architecture of some of the buildings, visit both temple and garden. Entrance fee was affordable and if you want to take amazing pictures, you will just have to pay and go inside. We also spend sometime browsing through some souvenirs to take back to Malaysia. I know Disneyland souvenirs are top in prices so buying them here is what I got to do.

Unfortunately, we did not find any Halal restaurant here and in the end decided to dine in at the hotel itself. We had a simple plain cheese Pizza and seafood penne. The cost for a simple lunch like this at a hotel will cost you almost RM200 per family meal.

Here are some tips when staying at this hotel:

  1. Book early, it will give you more savings
  2. The Lobby is not at Ground Level
  3. There is a family mart inside the metro station
  4. The concierge can hold onto your luggage if you want to explore
  5. They will also get the taxi for you
  6. Request for a late check out if you arrive late (if there is any room available, they will allow you to do so).

In front of the hotel

We are walking in the rain, the shops can give you some sort of shelter

Beautiful architecture of old buildings


Can you see us?

At the temple in Yuyuan Garden

There were many people

Super cold!

Statues and stones of mythical chinese creatures

Hello guests!

Us with our chinese zodiac animal! The boar or pig.

Stay tune for more of our Shanghai adventure!