Renovation Progress: Day 2 (Curtains)

Colors colors.. what shall I choose? Of course, being a house owner of many windows and sliding doors, I couldn't do it all by myself this time round. How many exactly you say? Well, just the sliding doors there are actually 5 units!! Not to mentioned windows and courtyards. 

The vendor that I've choosen for this feat was MK Curtains. Found them in one of the expo that I went too. Upon consultation, all the kitchen area and small windows will be wrapped using blind and those full height windows and doors will be using double layer curtain. I also made a special order for the master bedroom, but I will share with you guys later. Now, I guess you would like to know the price right? For the whole house including the rails (some rooms have triple rail) generally cost us RM6500. It's within the budget and I hated to splurge more on expensive materials. I just make sure that it is heavy curtains and black out drapes.

Here you go.... colors and materials that I've choose.

You could choose from a wide array of selection

Even the sheer is included here

Ahhh for the living.. its heavy and Mr. Bob likes this color

The bedroom.. it's light but my wardrobe is kinda dark

You guessed it! This is Farissa's color

Dark blue for adek
We end the day by visiting house of lightings but discovered that they had nothing special for our main entrance/foyer. So went to Avalon instead and found ourselves fallen in love with this piece. It's a display set but definitely a bargain. Interested on the price? Email me. :)  

Crystals and glittering

Mr. Bob tagging along with his gojes wifey.. kekekekke...