Selamat Hari Raya 2016 Johor Time!

Salam Aidilfitri my fellow bloggers!

How is everyone's raya? Alhamdullilah, I'm sure that everyone enjoyed it tremendously. ~Ngee
We celebrated Eid 2016 in Johor.. Yeay! I've requested for all of my little bros and sis to be here on the first day of Eid. So, next raya most of us will be celebrating Eid at our in laws side. Our family raya theme for this year is peacock blue. I don't know why but I have this some sort of obsession with this colour for the time being. Haha! Most probably, this colour will also be integrated to my future home as well *we will see*.

First raya photo op
Family photo for this year * I look slim and good* #pujidirisendiri

2nd raya would be our most challenging raya of all, whereby we would go house to house and get fed fat. Everyone will be serving good ol rendang, ketupat, kuah lodeh, sambal goreng, laksa Johor, nasi minyak and the list goes on and on.

The tactic is to wear a forgiving waist dress so that you could stuffed your face with food without the need to control your tummy during photo session. For example, this gorgeous Zalia dress. Haha! Very forgiving around the waist indeed.

The theme was blue and mama ngah got the memo. Great job mama ngah!
Ok by the 3rd  day of Raya, I will start scavenged for houses to visit. Most likely my ol' school mates or University mates houses. Those who send public invites, we will definitely visit as well. Here, I'm training my babies to become a socialite and to act proper in front of people. You must understand that acting proper and truly proper is two very different thing. Most of the time they will be very busy trying out other kids toys without any reserve at all. *Damn you prim and proper!*

We enjoyed our free food, drinks and money very much thank you. :)

Everyone is eyeing for the rocking horse
Ok on our 4th day of Raya, we had started travelling back to KL. That didn't stop up for having a short play catch up with ol buddies in Melaka. Free lunch is also an added bonus. Yahoo!

Red is the theme for us today!

All in all, we enjoyed our Raya holiday very much surrounded by close family and friends. We also enjoyed good food and hospitality. Yes, and not forgetting the extra 5 kilos as well!! Hahaha!

Ok guys. Makan banyak2 ok kat open house. Untill next entry!