MK Curtains and What it Entails During the Home Living Expo

Hye u guys! How's it going?

I gotta hunch that you will love this entry, especially the ladies. Hehe. It's none other than curtains!! Curtains.. curtains and curtains. Or the west sometimes calls it 'window treatments'. After reading and researching on curtains cost and budget in Malaysia, I can easily conclude that it is super expensive if you have to had them customize. 

Most bloggers will recommend buying and sorting out the curtains at Nilai 3 and the other half is recommending to buy during the Sarah Globe's vip sale. Either or, both are still expensive if you are thinking of installing those blackout curtains. Blackout curtains will runs a minimum of RM 28 per metre. These are the heavy materials and drape kinds that looks exclusive and luxurious. It will also block sunlight for about 90%.

Now, being a new house owner with many2 windows and sliding doors, my head obviously starts to spin calculating the monstrous amount of curtains that we need to order and be hours that will be spent measuring/installing/ironing all of those curtains. *Cry* This was no laughing matter. Our budget runs no more that RM7000 (I've made a promise to Mr. Bob, hoping that I could keep them). *letspraytogether*

Anyway, once arrive at Home and Living Expo Sunway, we came across about 3 vendors promoting window treatments and I went straight into MK Curtains because all of the display hanging there was so beautiful *drool*. We were entertained by a very young sales guy whom I thought was really helpful in every single way. I showed him the house plan and he starts calculating the number of blinds needed and curtains (double layer including day curtains) for the house. The round up figure came about RM 8800. My eyes were popping out of their socket.

He then showed me that the cost of the blinds were about RM4000 and it would be definitely cheaper for us to go with all curtains and so we did. The 2nd time round up figure cam for about RM6500 and I was smiling ear to ear knowing that we could definitely afford that number. Which makes it more fantastic, a purchase for more than RM3000 from MK curtains you are eligible for 100 meters of curtain railing free. *tell me if this is real* More savings!!! Hurrah!!

So, we made a small deposit of RM 500 and will call our sales person once we get our house keys (sorry forgot his name). So bad with names!! Huhu. Will share with you guys more updates in the future!
Their brochure is in this box

English pattern for curtains.. not suitable for my house theme

Love the embroidered sheer. Not sure we could afford this type.

Heavy curtains great for the formal living

One sample that I like
We also get an additional RM 50 cash vouchers

This is the standard package that they are throwing out