Kitchen Appliences and Buying at Home Living Expo 2016

Hye u guys!

I am so excited to share with you our first entry for our upcoming new HOME sweet HOME. Insyallah. As you may know, new house means many new purchases and money draining pit. Haha! Our developer from SP Setia has shared with us that our keys will most probably be handed over somewhere in October 2016 (which is 3 months from now). Yup, 3 months!! Which means, we have to get cracking and start doing our research on renovation (including grill, plaster ceiling, wall hacking, tililng, lighting, cabinet, yada yada yada..) Well, I am not gonna share all that in this entry. Let us all take one step at a time. If you are keen to follow babynadra.blogspot, then I guess you will soon find out on the other stuffs that consist on house renovation.

You may know or may not know that Home Living had organized an exhibition on home products last weekend (15 - 17 July 2016). Mr. Bob and I had agreed on taking our annual leave to visit this expo. Mainly to do some research on renovation materials that we had on our list. I will try to share more with you guys soon on the things that we are planning to do so you guys will have a brief idea on our plans.

Anyways, our first stop at the expo was to find out more on hood and built in microwave/grill. We had previously purchase a standalone stove with a huge oven but the hood we had left it to our house buyers. I have read a lot about this in the lowyat forum and was weighing on the prospects of the Fotile brand. Fyi, most fotile hood includes a suction turbo and superbly easy to clean (bonus points).

I fell in love instantly on one particular hood as it has an environment cleanse sensor that could detect odor in your kitchen. If the LED turns red, it will automatically try to suck in the bad odor until the LED turns green. Magnifique! We had also budgeted a lump sum of RM5000 for both of these items. As it turns out, we were the first customer and the sales lady had given us an utmost ridiculous price for both of this items including some free gifts!

Why us? Apparently, chinese people believe in luck selling first thing to the first customer. Lucky us! Anyway, we also did a comparison in house depot price and their promo price was RM900 more that our price. Yup, it was that good people! It was below our budgeted price and although Tok Ayah was saying it was expensive, I had got to go with my gut and my gut is saying that it was a good bargain.

Hood is on Mr. Bob's right and microwave it on this left shoulder :)

I believe the price was RM 3800++ for the hood

RM 1900 for the microwave.. so you do the math.

Ok, so one of the items to purchase is cross checked and I can't wait to share more that we purchase during the expo so stay tune ok.


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