Lightings Chandelier Galore!

Salam everyone!

I am here to share with you guys on my last weekend purchase. *weeEEeee!!* I know that I should be sharing more Hari Raya pics, so insyallah will share later on ok. For today, let's talk about lighting. ]

Lighting has always been a difficult to shop for, cool light, day light, warm light, led, and yada yada yada.. Oh so confusing! Anyway, last weekend Avalon Bandar Puteri Puchong was having their Raya sale. Based on the shop's FB most of the lightings seemed to be very affordable price. So, before we went out for Raya visit, I'd dragged the whole family down to the shop.

I was very glad that I did. My target was to find one light for my dining, one for Farissa's walk-in and two for my master bedroom.

I found this super awesome chandelier to place in my dining (this only cost me RM 400)

The white chandelier was chose for Farissa's room (this cost RM 150) *bargain I tell you

I've wanted to purchase this for my master bedroom but there is only one so, I decided to look for it later on.

Gosh, all in all, I got what I wanted. Will find other lightings later on during our renovation process. Will update you guys really soon so stay tune. :)