Tokyo Grape Picking, Mount Fuji, Gotemba Outlet and Halal Grill inShibuya!!

Talk about killing a lot of birds in one stone *figure of speech*! We done all of the above within a day time. Haha! Its our final day before flying back to KL the next morning. We got ready super early that morning, had breakfast and our Malay driver Pian picked us up in front of the lobby.

Our first stop was this RnR, about 45 mins Mount Fuji. Pian has prepared some fried rice and fried chicken for breakfast. The kids gone ballistic trying out one of those put a penny for a toy in a ball kinda thing.

Each with their own tiny toy

Nasi goreng.. Malaysian style!

RNR we're almost there!
Then, we stop at one of those Grape picking places. Somehow, we weren't allowed to pick any grapes. So, action please. Haha!

Nenma got herself some free grapes

Dede and Nane. ~Love

Look at all those grapes!! So fat.
We could also purchase grapes here. I didn't know that there is so many types of grapes and they all tasted differently. Since, our tour guide Pian is still new to Japanese language we did have difficulty in communicating with the farmers there. There we a lot of loud talking *as if the louder they talk we could actually understand them.. tsssk* In the end, we successfully buy a couple of baskets. Kuddos!!

Look at those prices

I want this want.. kudasai!!
At last we arrived at Mount Fuji!! It was quite cold about 10 degrees. The wind definitely makes the weather cooler. It was raining the whole morning but by the time we arrive it stop. Alhamdullilah lucky for us. Pian is already prepared with our lunch boxes which we had white rice, vegetable curry and fried chicken. To me anything with fried chicken tasted good. Haha! The lunch box has a mechanism where it could reheat our meal in a jiff..

Can't stand the cold wind!

Our lunch with our heated box..

Nenma and Tok Ayah cannot wait to dig in!!

Papa and Farissa.. Jom makan..
Of course we had to do some souvenir shopping after lunch. There are many shops that you could browse through. Although most of the souvenirs will cost you about 500 yen roughly RM20 each. I didn't buy much only some green in cute Japanese girl tin can.

My little green Japanese Mushroom

Mommy doing some shopping

While hubby and kiddos running around!!

This look like a ski resort right?

Adek with little baby bear!!

Once we wrapped everything up, we drove to Gotemba Outlet on the way back. This shopping haven is equipped with a surau.  I was on prayer leave so everyone else got to pray in the Surau. It's clean and spacious. I didn't feel like shopping anything *everything was so expensive to me* so, we had pancakes instead!! This eatery place serves only pancakes and being me *a sweet food lover* couldn't help but to try out some. It was wonderful!!


We rented this out for 100 yen!

Hot coffee

Gosh.. mouth watering..

Sedap ya kakak??
Then, after one exhausting day *mostly in the car* we stop by at Shibuya to have our dinner. The restaurant we being brought to is known as Gyumon a Halal certified grilled place. It is in a modest house cum restaurant, 2 storey high. The food was good though. It will warm your tummy up in no time.

Let's order some food kids!

Halal standard..

Ok.. Who's hungry now?? Hehe