Tawau Wedding at Bombalai

Guilty!!! I know I've been guilty!! Haha. A lot has been happening in the real world that I did not have the time to sit down and write anything lately. I promised to keep up the pace from today onwards. :p

Last weekend, I had the chance to visit Tawau. I had never been to Sabah so this would be my first time. It was an executive decision, not to bring the lil ones, because flight ticket were quite expensive. Even for Airasia, each ticket cost like almost RM 500. I took a flight with my sister and within 2 hours and 50mins we were there!

The gals (4 generations - including a baby in the tummy). No, not mine!! My cousin's.
The night before the event, I was quite busy decor the 'Hantaran'. Everyone else tried their best to pitch in. However, in the end I was the one that complete all 6. Haha! The theme was English bouquet, so green, pink, fushia, was the main colour combination.

Umrah Package

Handbag Kate Spade

Total was 7 trays of hantaran


Play station.. or is it Xbox?
The nikah event was short and simple. If compared with Johor weddings which was very lengthy this only takes about 15mins all in all. The nikah was at the masjid near Kuhara area. Huge masjid.

My cousin Hanif and his wife

Sweet right?

My aunt so touched by the whole ceremony. Her baby is now someone's husband.
We went back right to KL after the Majlis Bersanding that evening. So, Hana and I missed the event that night which both of the bride and groom wearing Bugis wedding outfit. *shoot*. Anyway, wishing them both happiness and proper with many2 kids. Insyallah.

Very festive!