Crazy for Franco's Sweet Dessert

I have such weakness towards sweet dessert. I could easily spot one advert on any kind of dessert and instantly have cravings for it. The latest episode in which I had this craving attack was during our weekend at IOI City Mall. I saw this delicious image of an ice cream, filled with fresh berries and instantly wanted to dine in Franco because they had the Berries Cheesecake Parfait.

Bear in mind, the menu in Franco are quite limited and with picky eaters that is never easy. But who cares?! We dash in Franco and immediately scouted the menu and ordered two of our favorite sweet snacks which was the Parfait and the French Toast. Because it was also dinner time, I ordered Carbonara for the kids (plain) and for myself Spicy Seafood Spagetti *you should never order this!* it is tasteless.

Mr. Bob stick to what he knows which was the Black Ink Squid with Rice (delicious).

My glorious food!

Carbonara Yummeh


My beautiful Parfait

I am so lazy to edit this. Haha! I'm sure if edited it will look so much more desirable. Anyway, you gotta try the French Toast and Parfait ya, especially if you are a true sweet obsession kind of gal!