Ginger Noi D'Pulze Cyberjaya Review

We actually went to D'pulze almost every week on Friday (longest lunch break). So, a couple weeks back *this post is long overdue, forgive me please* :P, the ladies and I tried out a new restaurant called Ginger Noi. From the name itself  we straightaway know that they are serving Thai cuisine. We love Thai.

We were sat done at the furthest corner of the restaurant, guided by one of the restaurant host. It was super chilly. I called them, and they happily moved us upfront of the restaurant which was way better in temp, I think. We scouted through the menu, everything looks good but a definitely over priced for Thai food.

We placed our orders and 20 mins later our food start arriving before our drinks. They serve individually and not the whole table. I had to wait for an additional 10mins while others started to chomp down their meal. Presentation wise it was quite unique. I ordered like sizzling deep fried seafood which was good, rice were over flowing. The other ladies ordered clear tomyam set and tomyam set both tasted ok. Nothing to shout about. Mid way through the meal, one of my companion found a strand of hair in her broth. We called the waiter and they change only the tomyam to a fresh new bowl without much hesitation.

In the end, we finished our meal feeling quite underwhelmed and unsatisfied. Taste ok but price of each of our lunch almost reaching RM30.

Sizzling bowl
Tomyam set

Lychee Soda